Which bollard models does the CDK-US control unit manage?
The CDK-US control unit manages the following bollards: dakota Ø210-500\dakota Ø210-700 (all versions) , Defender, Easy Ø115-500 , Easy Ø200-700.

How many bollards can the CDK and CDK-US manage?
Both units are able to manage up to 4 bollards.

What are the differences between a type-approved bollard and a non-type approved one?
The type-approved bollard, approved by the Italian Ministry of Transport, can be installed in public settings. The type-approved version always has lights and a buzzer installed in the top and the number of the ministerial decree is screen printed on the flange.
 The control units are also different (CDK for the type-approved version and CDK-US for the normal version) and in certain situations they function differently (e.g. : in the event of a blackout, the post of the type-approved version descends automatically, and if the power is restored it continues to descend, while the post of normal versions tend to descend and, if the power is restored it stops, as the electric lock is re-enabled).
There are also mechanical differences; the type-approved version has a reinforced rod and highly reversible worm screws.  

Does the Led panel on the totems act as a traffic light?
The led panel on the totem is not a traffic light, and does not possess the features to be so; it simply provides information to the user on the status of the post.

How many modules can be fitted on a totem?
A maximum number of 3 modules can be stacked to create a totem.

How is a bollard installed?
Automatic bollards need building works for installation, as a hole has to be excavated to install them; the most important part of the excavation is to assure correct drainage beneath the bollard. Attach drawing with excavations.

How many metres of power cable are there in a parking bollard?
Automatic parking bollards have up to 10 metres of power cable.

What is the maximum length of a bollard power cable?
The maximum length of the dakota power cable is 50 metres. Up to this length, O&O guarantees the correct operation of the bollard.

What is the maximum bar length supported by the N&D3 barrier?
The N&D3 supports a bar of between 1.7 and 3 metres long.

What is the maximum bar length supported by the N&D5 barrier?
The N&D5 supports a bar of between 3.5 and 5 metres long.

Is it possible to replace old bar profiles with new ones?

Yes, the barriers can be updated by replacing old bar profiles with new ones. An overhaul kit is required.

Are the  “Eliot” TX rolling codes compatible with the T-COM TX rolling codes?

The  “Eliot” and T-COM TX rolling codes are not compatible.