O&O, as in Orlando Mantovani and Orville Turci. These were the two founding partners who, in April 1968, set up a small company which in just a few years was to become one of the best known brands on the Italian and international market specializing in automatic processes for regulating pedestrian and vehicular access. Then as now, planning, technological innovation, solidity and
product passion were and remain guarantees of the superior quality which has characterised the company for almost half a century.The two entrepreneurs began their adventure in small premises in Correggio (Reggio Emilia), in the heart of the industrial district, and immediately became a success story.

Ten years after the company was founded O&O made a strategic decision to focus all its energy on a new line of products whose real added value was
technology, reliability and high quality materials. Then, in the early 1980s, the line of motorised guides for operating heavy industrial doors expanded into a niche residential line (motors for sliding or swing gates, underground motors, motors for garages). And above all, a new product range was launched, featuring automatic barriers, and bollards for regulating vehicular access: a sector where O&O would be a leading player for the next 30 years.

In 2009 O&O became part of the BFT Group, global leader in the field of automatic systems for managing and monitoring access, present on 4  ontinents and in 12 European nations. BFT’s philosophy is to create centres of excellence in every product zone and to encourage synergies between group components: a philosophy totally consonant with O&O’s outlook. And so, the longrunning O&O enterprise moved under the umbrella of a major
international group while also maintaining its managing and organisational independence. The synergies between O&O and BFT immediately produced
advantages, both for the Group presented with the opportunity of enhancing its product options and for O&O, boosted by strong results in markets where previously it had been only a marginal player.